Notorius P.I.G. Saturday, March 20, 2010

So these little cupcake stores are popping up everywhere in DC. Being the sweet tooth that I am, I have decided to take a cupcake tour of DC. So far I have only hit two - Georgetown Cupcakes and Hello Cupcake.

I have been to Georgetown Cupcake of 2 occasions, and there have been massive lines out of the door waiting to get in. There are nose prints on their storefront glass of people wondering what all the hub-bub is about. Well, in a nutshell. AMAZING. Flavors are right, cupcake density and moistness is just right and the frosting is top notch. I have tried many of their flavors, not in one day mind you - but have kept them either counter top or in my refrigerator and they stay pretty well. I think their best cupcakes are ones that incorporate their cream cheese element in their frostings. Om Nom Nom. I have probably tried about a dozen flavors, all of them fantastic except for the Cookies and Cream. The frosting on that one is just too buttery. My friend and I that ate it were in consensus, and were sad that we found a cupcake we didn't like. We were hoping maybe it was frosting making measurement error, I will sacrifice the palette again to confirm. (I mean someone has to do it)

This past Friday whilst I was in Dupont Circle I stopped by Hello Cupcake! The name alone is a cheerful one and once I popped inside the girls behind the counter were just as cheery. I ordered my usual dozen to distribute among my coworkers and make an excuse not to look like such an oinker. But upon my first bite I was a touch disappointed. The cake had way to much air in it, which made my cake part crumbly and the frosting was a too sweet! In fact, I really felt that their icing was a bit grainy. (This is a rare occasion) How disappointing, I like everything dessert and yet, I feel like I could make better cupcakes myself. AND for $3 a cupcake, that is .25 cents more that Georgetown cupcake! In a nutshell, MEH. Next time I'm in Dupont circle, I think I will head to Krispy Kreme. Or perhaps just go to Georgetown or Bethesda to Georgetown cupcakes.

Onwards to the next cupcake joint!