Notorius P.I.G. Saturday, February 14, 2015

As I had gone on a quest to get in better shape the past year or so - 3 things happened: I lost weight, my cupcake nomming activities had dipped significantly and the cupcake industry went a bit South - we aren't in "Cupcake Oz" anymore, Toto! (The dog, not the 80's band)

For someone with such a major sweet tooth, this was hard and I can only think the downfall of some of the better DMV cupcake joints suffered in business due to my lack cupcake nomming. (I'm so sorrrrrrrrry!) One of fave old standbys, Frosting the Cupcakery, closed and a bunch of sub par looking cupcake joints tried to jump on the cupcake bandwagon in the already crowded the industry.  Thankfully, Georgetown Cupcakes and Spinkles are still up and running.  And Crumbs went bankrupt, closed and resurrected from the ashes again. So some cupcake harmony remains in this world.

My cupcake diet was re-ignited away from home (what happens in *insert city here * stays in *inserted city here*) when I went to visit my Gay Bacon Bud (GBB) Amanda in LA and I was able to go to Spinkles Ice Cream Beverly Hills shop and have a come to Baby Jebus moment. I strolled around posh Beverly Hills, where I walked past couture clothing boutiques, gluten free yuppie cafes, designer eyebrow waxing studios, and uber posh restaurants. 

But I scurried past it all, I entered, studied the vast menu and decided to spew my order in in 6 simple words: Red Velvet Cupcake Ice Cream Sundae! Check it out: a regular Spinkles Red Velvet cupcake gets sliced in half and then you choose your ice cream du jour a la mode.  Hm, a free boat ride for three! I'll take you, T-pain and the red velvet cupcake ice cream with my Red Velvet Ice cream sundae...sounds redundant? Well, duh. But I wanna roll O.G. cause I'm cool like that and red velvet like that. (A direct line from the  Digable Planets song, me thinks?) So my O.G. self went red velvet old skool to sandwich in my red velvet cupcake cheeks around red velvet ice cream made of "sweet cream ice cream layered with bites of sprinklescupcake iconic red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting." What red velvet in red velvet? I think my brain will explode? Ermahgerd! It was a amazeballs. I even shared my sundae with my GBB. 

I wanna pray for them to send over a Sprinkles ice cream store to DC.  Paaaaaaaaareeeese, Spinkles lady Candace! I've been a fan since Day 1 in DC! I swear, you can check out my old post! But can you like make diet cupcakes and diet cupcake sundaes? Ok, love you, and thanks! Xoxo.