Notorius P.I.G. Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cake Dreams of Rockville, MD - An OM NOM NOM Review

So I drive around a lot, and I know little shortcuts here and there.  And as I was passing through one of my fave shortcuts away from Rockville Town Center, I saw out of the corner of my eye the word.....Cake....then I whipped my head back around and saw that Rockville had gotten its first Cupcakery!  (Mind you this was months ago...sometime in August or September....yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I've been a lazy bum.)  Since it was closed I'd figure I would end up there sometime soon.  So I ended up hopping in on the next Saturday to try some cupcakes.  Overall the shop follows the simple formula, kitchen in the back and little display in the front.  They probably had about a dozen flavors to choose from and I ended up determining that I would get 4 cupcakes (I GUESS I was being good.)

So here it is......time for the ratings!
The Om Nom Nom Rating Chronicles (on a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being the nommy-est!)

CARAMEL VANILLA: Vanilla cake, with caramel frosting and a caramel drizzle. (Please note since this was quite some time ago, I'm working on cupcake memory from months ago, so the flavor description might not be as for the rating, these are accurate as I wrote them in my cupcake diary...and yes, I have a cupcake jealous!)
TADA Factor: 3.5
Flavah Flav Creativity: 3
Frosting: 4
Cake: 3.5
NOTES:  YUMMO!  Caramel drizzle!  I liked the brulee taste, but I wonder if that was intentional?  Cake was vanilla and moist.  But I think the cake was a bit too airy and a touch crumbly.

BANANA FUDGE: Banana cake, with fudge frosting
TADA Factor: 4
Flavah Flav Creativity: 3.5
Frosting: 4
Cake: 4.5
NOTES: Tasty, I'm always a big fan of fruit bread turned cupcake bottom,  the fudge was similar to the texture of can frosting but the combo is a sure winner!  I might try to make this at home!

RED VELVET: (you know the dealio)
TADA Factor: 3
Flavah Flav Creativity: 3
Frosting: 3
Cake: 3
NOTES:  MEH. The cake wasn't super red, which was a new sight for me and the cupcake left oily cupcake footprints everywhere I placed it down.  As my control, the cake was almost there - just needed more red and some more velvety-ness!  The cream cheese frosting was a bit too whipped and had an odd after taste!

RASPBERRY VANILLA:  Vanilla cake with raspberry frosting.
TADA Factor: 3
Flavah Flav Creativity: 2.5
Cake: 3
Frosting: 3.5
NOTES:  The raspberry in the frosting tasted really natural and was not overly sugary.

Overall, Cake Dreams was not horrible and not amazeballs.  I found the cupcakes to be a touch on the oily side and frosting sometimes a little overwhipped.  I don't think I'll be craving these cupcakes in particular, but I think these would be a good alternative if I was dying for cupcakes!

Notorius P.I.G. Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So I've been neglecting my DC Cupcakery Reviews for quite some time! But please don't think I've neglecting eating cupcakes! Um...because in all reality that part never stops!

Reviews to be posted soon!