Notorius P.I.G. Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Well news has come fast that the fluffy and sprinkled filled world of cupcakes are in a tailspin.  With the sudden closing of Crumbs Bakeshop and the downfall of one of my old local haunts, Frosting in Washington, DC - it seems that people are moving on or maybe just tired of cupcakes?

Seeing that my last serious post of cupcake-ness was in 2011, perhaps my sugar rush to my head had waned.  Long gone is the excitement leading up to going into a cupcake shop and smelling the delicious scent of baked goodness and creamy frosting (or as my good friend and former cupcake reviewer Sean would say, "the smell of farts made the Pillsbury Dough Boy") and then smudging your face against the sneeze-guard glass wall admiring all the different concoctions and flavors of the day - all this while waiting in a long line about 20 people deep AND that was on a non-busy day/time!

Coincidentally, the closing of the Crumbs Bakeshop is the reason why I came back to my blog (aside from the sheer laziness, the loss of my nommer in crime at the workplace, the change in my fancy career, and the lack of cupcake nomming).  And it was in much sad panda sadness that my last blog was about cupcakes from Crumbs, highlights which include dubbing the Cosmo cupcake "The tastiest cupcake, gay looking category."  *tear*

For me, I think it was the flavors and my love of cake - but the cupcake market got saturated fast - unfortunately not of all them had delicious cupcakes (HEY, HAVE YOU READ ANY OF MY OLD POSTS?) and even places that weren't supposed to have cupcakes for sale were selling them.  I mean I was at a place that sold pieces of soaps and lotions AND THEY were even selling cupcakes!  It's sad to see all of these places go, but it is economics my friends - all about supply and demand.  If you want you can add a couple of econ graphs here - that equilibrium point goes waaaaaay down and I'll stop there because I had to re-take econ a number of times - PRO TIP: this kids is where you should learn that attending class in college is a good idea in order to pass most of your courses! 

So what is the next craze?  It must be the macaron.  It might have a bit more staying power (just a tad), cause those things are hard as shit to make yourself!  What ever it is, I'm ready to om nom nom, that is in moderation of course - making good food choices here!

Until next time......I guess this is where I should introduce my new food of choice to review.  You will find out when I tell you.  (Secretly I have no idea what it will be!) Stay tuned!