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So yes, I have been slacking on my cupcake reviews and yes, my blog is super behind.  And this particular one post is REALLY behind!!! So to make like I'm not behind, please ignore the posting date (doo-dee-doo).  So in this review I am now om nom nomming another famous cupcakery has come to DC!  And what is often quoted as the "first" cupcake shop on infamous Cupcake Wars show I have to obviously pay homage to the grand puba of cupcaking, Sprinkles Cupcakes!  (*bows and screams I'm NOT worthy!  I'm NOT worthy*)

Sprinkles-mobile!  YEAH!

So after hearing that Sprinkles Cupcakes was opening up shop on the other end of Georgetown from GTC, I was excited to try Sprinkles without have to move coasts.  (I have no budgeted for airfare for this blog yet) So in my usual fashion, I basically stalked the crap out of the opening of Sprinkles on their facebook page and signed up to attend the opening "sneak peek" of the DC store.  So on a chilly day in February, my guests and I attended the opening, the line was short but still overlapping on the sidewalk to the dismay of the neighbors, but we all were able to go go inside in an orderly fashion since we were the Sprinkles DC cupcake chosen ones (nah nanny nah nah!)

He looks ready to take my cupcake order!!!

Asian bowl haircut frosted cupcakes
 Upon entering the store, I can see where many other cupcakeries that I have patronize stole their displays from, the infamous Sprinkles' shelves of cupcakes with a "salad bar" sneeze guard in the front.  What I think is unique to Sprinkles is the fact that most of the cupcakes there look pretty natural, no bright colored frostings or fancy decorations.  In fact, beside any extra food topping on top of the cupcakes the just have fondant circles indicating their flavor through their "cupcake flavor legend."  

Another characteristics of Sprinkles is that the frosting has sharp edges of frosting.  It sorta has the same esthetic  where my brother's hair was cut from under a bowl on top of his head - you know the nice Asian kid bowl haircut.  Aside from that I want to say that Sprinkles is big on cake with their more sugary frosting-nage than the other places IMHO since most seem to lean towards using more whipped and fluffy cream cheesey frostings.  Kudos to Sprinkles!
Behind the sneezeguard and droolguard
After ordering, we turned around to see why this lady was talking in a really high pitched voice and noiced that she was gushing over the owner Candace Nelson, which I know from watching Cupcake Wars religiously.  She greeted us and was super nice (insert gratuitous picture here...Deanna took it for me and I guess this would be my cue to ask her for the picture). But then again if you made millions of dollars on cupcakes I would be super happy too!!!  So as this was a sneak peek opening, Sprinkles limited us to two cupcakes - bummer!  But they were free!  And after studying my list I ended up getting my control usual - Red Velvet and my palette cleanser - Lemon.  And as Deanna was my guest we made sure to be able to share the love and she ended up getting Peanut Butter Chip and Cinnamon Sugar!  Overall, a very traditional selection of flavors, but still very exciting!  =)  
Menu with their Teethbreaking fondant Flavor Legend
Sticker on the side - rockin' like a rad "side-pony"
Insert Gratuitous Food Styling Photo Here

So time for some cupcake nomming!  Of course everyone's favorite part.....I hope...well obviously AT LEAST my fave part!

Upon inspection of the cupcakes I think your first instinct is to pick up the fondant flavor indicator disc and eat that...word of advice friends...DON'T DO IT!  If  you are confident in the strength or your teeth, have dentures and use polygrip every night, or have a dentist on call - you have my permission to TRY it.  As pretty as the decorations are on these cupcakes, it is dry fondant which seems to be just for looks.  It doesn't taste like anything and you could risk your molar or k-9, so eat at your own risk (insert I'm not responsible for your broken tooth sublanguage here).

Overall, upon opening our cupcakes we were pretty stoked!  And upon cutting them to split them up, the cake seems pretty dense and soft without too many spongy holes inside (spongey holes are only appropriate with SpongeBob thank you very much!  Overall, the cake held up to the slicing, but it was a bit top heavy by the frosting as they just tumbled to their respective sides of the napkin just like when Tony and Angela split the room in half in Who's the Boss - did you feel the sexual tension during that epi too? 

Anyways, the red velvet was a bit different than what I am used to, the red velvet was more of a chocolatey red velvet...still good, but I think I miss getting in that bright red in, the cream cheese frosting was pretty good too, but more stiff than what I was anticipating.  I would probably say the same about the lemon (fragrant lemon cupcake with lemon-vanilla frosting flecked with zest) and the peanut butter chip (as well.  The fun touch to the peanut butter chip (chocolate chip-studded peanut butter cupcake with peanut butter frosting) was the choco chips that was in the cake and I really appreciate the extra touch more punch more choco into my palette!  
What I think was the best of our quad sampler was the Cinnamon Sugar Cupcake (lightly spiced buttermilk cupcake dusted with cinnamon sugar).  I guess you could say it was a churro cupcake.  Basically the cake part was the simple and right texture as the exterior could be considered a bit touch crispy, but it is complemented by just a dusting of cinnamon and sugar.  Could it be?  I actually like a cupcake that doesn't have frosting?  UNPOSSIBLE - the Great Ralphie Wiggum would scream.  But yes, it is so.

Anyways off to the good stuff the ratings....

All done and I have all my teeth since I didn't eat the fondant deco


The Seangie (MINUS/SANS the Sean) Om Nom Nom Rating Chronicles (one a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being the nommy-est!)

RED VELVET: southern style light chocolate cupcake with cream cheese frosting 
TADA Factor:  2.5
Flavah Flav Creativity: 2.0
Frosting: 3.0
Cake: 3.0
NOTES: I think since I'm used to eating red velvets that have more of a whipped consistency frostings, I think the whipped cream cheesey frosting seem to add a complementary textural element to the cupcakes.  With the frosting feeling more crystalized and the redness more subdued I was not as enthused.  Still a pretty solid cupcake.

LEMON: fragrant lemon cupcake with lemon-vanilla frosting flecked with zest
TADA Factor:  3.0
Flavah Flav Creativity: 2.0
Frosting: 3.75
Cake: 3.5
NOTES: The designated palette cleanser cupcake was surprisingly refreshing.  I think the added zest in the frosting adds a great punch and was super stoked that it actually tasted like lemon as advertised.

PEANUT BUTTER CHIP: chocolate chip-studded peanut butter cupcake with peanut butter frosting
TADA Factor:  3.0
Flavah Flav Creativity: 2.0
Frosting: 3.0
Cake: 3.75
NOTES:  Awesome cake!  I'm a sucker for any choco chipped cake!  And since there was no Sean to judge I think the score is much lower than it prob would have been. Oh well!  

CINNAMON SUGAR: lightly spiced buttermilk cupcake dusted with cinnamon sugar AKA CHURRO CUPCAKE!

TADA Factor:  3.5
Flavah Flav Creativity: 3.5
Frosting: N/A no frosting? Whaaaaaaaa?
Cake: 4.25
NOTES: Surprisingly amazeballs!  Texture and taste = nommy!

OVERALL, a good experience with Sprinkles.  I think I can go here often, but since the locay is not convenient I'm afraid Sprinkles will be a go to in Georgetown if I am walking distance to it!


AND NOW FOR A PHOTO MONTAGE OF DEANNA AND I WITH SPRINKLE CUPAKES as  OMG ROGER RABBIT EYES!  (Okay I know lame, only two pics, but still a montage bitches!)  

Deanna has a lazy eye!

Photo of me by Deanna in her cool iPhone App that keeps crashing my iPhone


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